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The ever growing issues surrounding
Social Jet Lag

When humans’ circadian rhythms are disrupted, a phenomenon called “social jet lag” can occur. The term was coined to describe the effects of uneven sleeping patterns — like going to bed later and waking up later on weekends — and their negative effects on human health. In the short-term, social jet lag results in exhaustion and stress. Over time, it can lead to more serious health issues including increased risk for heart disease, metabolic disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and even ADHD in children.

Social jet lag is a widespread problem in a modern society dominated by artificial light, but BIOS SkyBlue® lighting technology is changing the paradigm, bringing natural light indoors.

43% of our genetic
expression is tied to our
circadian system
87% of day working people
experience social jet lag
33% Social jet lag can increase
the likelihood of
obesity by 33%
11% Social jet lag can increase
the likelihood of heart
disease by 11%
as a matter of fact, it is rocket science

BIOS circadian lighting was designed to help humans explore space — and now it’s coming back to earth. Developed at NASA by BIOS VP Robert Soler, the technology is currently in use on the International Space Station (ISS) to help astronauts achieve better sleep in an environment where mental clarity is an absolute necessity. Today, the evolution of that same technology is helping earthbound humans achieve better sleep and better health.

Biology-driven Circadian Lighting to Help Life Thrive

BIOS lighting creates healthy-built environments that reset life to a more natural state,
stimulating a biological response to encourage growth and health.

Senior facilities

With residents spending most of their time indoors, regulating circadian rhythm can be an issue, leading to poor sleep, declining health and episodes of “sun-downing” in senior living centers. BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology promotes better sleeping patterns and has shown in studies to improve symptoms of depression, agitation, sundown syndrome and nighttime wandering.

BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology can:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce accident rates
  • Reduce overnight staffing needs
  • Reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals

Healthcare facilities

Social jet lag is a significant issue for healthcare workers who spend long shifts indoors under artificial light — and for patients as well. With the 24-hour nature of healthcare, stabilizing sleep patterns is critical for the health and well-being of both staff and patients. BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology helps regulate circadian rhythms, addressing social jet lag and providing a healthier atmosphere that improves output from staff — and outcomes for care.

BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology can:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve medical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Increase staff output
  • Improve patient outcomes

Office facilities

Every business wants their employees to be at their best during work hours, but social jet lag is taking a toll on workers, leading to not only exhaustion and lack of focus, but compromising overall long-term employee health. BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology reverses this trend, improving circadian rhythms to create a more productive and healthier workforce.

BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology can:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Meet WELL building standards

Education facilities

A successful learning environment requires focus, energy and good health. Both teachers and students can suffer from social jet lag, hindering their ability to teach and to learn. BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology brings energy and focus back to the classroom, helping to create better teachers and better students.

BIOS SkyBlue lighting technology can:

  • Improve test scores
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Mitigate ADHD symptoms
  • Lower energy costs

Our Partners

illuminated by biosOur partners utilize BIOS solutions in their lighting to create healthier spaces that stimulate energy and promote better sleep. To find the only lighting designed by biology for your space, visit one of our partners and look for the Illuminated by BIOS logo.


Illuminate Your Life
with BIOS

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