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By Robert Soler, VP Human Biological Research and Technology

August 1, Work Design Magazine

“When you think of an office setup, you typically imagine a workplace equipped with the standard chairs, desks, and cubicles. However, in recent years, the introduction of standing desks and adjustable workstations has made a significant transformation on the office environment. With sitting no longer being the sole option, standing desks – used as a ‘healthier’ option and opportunity to break out of your chair without interrupting workflow – are even becoming a perk highlighted in job listings…”

Who Needs Circadian Lighting?

4 Industries That Will Benefit

The human race has made incredible technological advancements over the past two centuries. We’ve learned to fly, discovered cures for deadly diseases, harnessed the power of electricity and gained a scientific understanding of how the physics of our world work through Einstein’s theory of relativity. We enhanced our collective knowledge through the invention of the printing press and later, the internet. We have made leaps and bounds in 200 years that took our ancestors thousands of years to achieve. In the process, however, we have lost something crucial to our health and well-being — our connection to the sun.

The rapid expansion of industry and the economy has moved most people from a life that revolves around living and working outdoors, to a life spent inside under artificial light. The result has been a lost connection with our biological circadian rhythms, which are regulated by the sun. The sun not only tells us when to wake and sleep visually, it speaks directly to our cellular biology. Without these signals, our circadian rhythms have become unmoored, resulting in poor sleeping patterns — and according to emerging research — much larger health issues like diabetes and heart disease.

At BIOS, we develop circadian lighting that speaks directly to human biology by producing the natural blue-sky light wavelength necessary to regulate circadian rhythm to improve sleep and overall health. Anyone who spends the majority of their time indoors will benefit from circadian lighting, but here are four industries who will realize the benefits of adapting the technology almost immediately:

Senior Living

One of the biggest challenges for both staff and residents at senior living centers — and one that has been difficult to remedy — is the phenomenon of “sundowning” in people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Also known as “late day confusion,” the symptoms of dementia become more pronounced in the evening hours. Sufferers can become agitated, irritable and disoriented during this time. The reason is in part due to a lost connection with the sun, and an off-kilter circadian rhythm. Circadian lighting can work wonders in resetting the body’s internal clock and dampening the effects of sundowning.


Healthcare facilities generally operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — all indoors under artificial light. Caregivers and staff work long shifts, often under duress. And with the consequences of a mistake being literally life or death, proper sleep is essential. Circadian lighting can help healthcare staff and patients regulate sleep for better care, better productivity, and better health outcomes.


Tired students make poor students. Exhausted teachers — try as they might — leave something on the table when it comes to educating kids that no amount of coffee can remedy. Uneven sleeping patterns are a reality of modern society for students and teachers alike, but they are having negative effects the quality of education. Circadian lighting can help revive both student and teacher in the classroom, providing the energy and focus needed to succeed.

Office Work

Productivity is the key to a healthy business, and great sleep is the key to productivity. Today’s business employee works long hours indoors and has increasing personal commitments with family and social outings. Poor sleep patterns are sapping workers of the energy, focus and health. Circadian lighting can help boost productivity, health and happiness for any business that operates mainly indoors — which is to say, most businesses.

Circadian lighting is changing the way we work and live, bringing us back in alignment with the natural biological rhythms that are key to our evolution as human beings. To learn more about circadian lighting, visit

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