What Do the New Energy Efficiency Standards Mean for Commercial Lighting?

New standards for energy efficiency have already been implemented in California this past January, and the rest of the country will be following its lead by 2020. There has been a focus on more efficient lighting for individual homes as well as commercial buildings. What implications do the new standards hold for you in choosing lighting solutions?

California has already banned the highly inefficient incandescent light bulbs, requiring new bulbs manufactured since January 1, 2018 to achieve a minimum efficiency level of 45 lumens per watt. That is a 3X increase in efficiency from incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED light bulbs achieve the same brightness and quality of light as the incandescent bulbs, all while using 80% less energy. Additionally, the state is working to switch over its 250 million sockets with inefficient bulbs to more efficient alternatives, which leaves LED or CFL light bulbs as options. Once this switch is complete, savings are estimated to reach $1 billion in electrical costs for California residents and businesses.

Commercial properties in particular face specific standards and must meet minimum energy efficiency requirements, which are given in luminous efficacy (LE). LED lighting is a top choice for meeting these standards, but not all LED lights are created equal. When looking for your next lighting solution, why not choose cutting-edge LED lights that are both efficient and offer biological benefits?

The Importance of Circadian Lighting

Natural light is essential to regulating our circadian rhythm (an internal regulation system on a cellular level that signals the body’s biological clock, regulating healthy activity) because artificial light lacks key elements of natural light that communicate with circadian biology. Indeed, 43% of our genetic expression is tied to our circadian system, including hormone secretion, body temperature and blood pressure, among others.

Without the sun to regulate our circadian rhythm, we suffer on a biological level — often without even realizing it. Chronic health issues, poor sleep habits, poor productivity, increased stress, and an overall decline in our well-being can all be traced to circadian disruptions. While we have learned to live indoors without the sun’s natural light to guide us, we have not biologically adapted to this reality.

Choosing LED Lighting

BIOS has developed a solution to this problem with its SkyBlue™ LED technology — an evolution on the technology originally developed at NASA for the International Space Station. SkyBlue infuses natural blue sky spectrum into LED light to bring the circadian benefits of the sun to your indoor environment, improving health and well-being while also reducing energy use.

Other forms of lighting like color-tuning may claim circadian and health benefits, but lack the specific wavelength necessary to effectively regulate circadian rhythm and communicate with the body on a biological level. BIOS LED lighting solutions, however, communicate directly with circadian biology through the ipRGC — a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye — via a natural blue sky spectral wavelength.

BIOS Dimming Lights: Greater Efficiency Plus Biological Benefits

BIOS will soon offer circadian lighting with bio-dimming functionality. Their proprietary technology will automatically reduce the biological stimulus in the evenings as well as dim and warm the color temperature of the light. Using SkyBlue technology, these bio-dimming lights will not only improve efficiency by automatically reducing the intensity of lighting in the evening, but will also help to regulate circadian rhythms. The benefits of such a technology is improved sleep patterns and overall health, with effects trickling into productivity outcomes and improved well-being in general. Dimmed and warmer lights can also have a psychological effect by helping people to notice the approach of evening, prompting a change in behavior as it gets later.

Choosing the right lighting solutions can be about much more than following regulations; it is also an opportunity to optimize well-being and businesses. Consider what BIOS SkyBlue™ LED technology can do for you.

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